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What Your Business & Bugsy Siegel Have in Common

Updated: Jan 27

Nope. I’m not comparing you or any other business owner to a gangster.

Absolutely not.

But I will highlight one aspect of his personality. Bugsy Siegel saw a casino in the middle of the desert.

He was a visionary.

People thought he was wackadoodle, but then they didn’t when the Flamingo was built and Sinatra began headlining. From tumbleweeds to today, the iconic Las Vegas Strip spans over four miles. An acre of land costs about four million dollars, and for trivia buffs, at its 2007 peak, an acre was $40 million dollars.

Bugsy landed an idea in the 3-D world that changed history, that’s pretty visionary, point being, you and everyone else are too, in varying degrees. Some use their prowess to imagine a Nitro Cold Brew. Boom. Done. Others expand perception to envision a casino, a woman on Mars, or a multibillion-dollar empire.

So, let’s look at two of several, fundamental tenets of a visionary. Then decide for yourself what you and ole Bugs have in common.

1. Vision architect. Like an architect, seeing the vision in your mind’s eye is step one. Of course, there’s a lot more that happens after the vision, but imagination is primo. It’s a shame it took a back seat to logic because logic is basically the implementation arm for imagination, which by the way is thinking in pictures. The “picture” acts like an architectural blueprint for the conscious and subconscious mind to concretize the vision. What logical action steps would even be necessary without first a vision? Own your vision. Smell it. Taste it. See it. Feel it. If you run into a snag, consider Bugsy and the architect who’ll refine the picture literally, metaphorically and imaginatively until it materializes. It’s what a visionary does. 2. Energetic commitment. Having a vision is one thing, commitment to the vision, no matter what, is another. I’m not talking about bull-dog commitment, force can have a reverse effect. What I mean is this. There’s a corresponding feeling when you imagine your vision. That feeling is energy. Committing to that vision-energy in spite of difficulties melts obstacles like the sun on an ice cube. As for the opinions of others, consider them. Remember though, most will innocently impose their limits upon you just like they did to Bugsy. The visionary journey has its highs and lows. At times you’ll feel like you’re floating untethered. But belief is the mindset that materializes your vision. In your alone time, live the energy of the vision. It’s essential.

So, you have zero interest in building a casino in the middle of a desert but as a business owner I’d bet you’re unswervingly committed to your particular vision. Like Bugsy’s vision, it could change the course of history.

But maybe the only thing you have in common with Bugs is that you refine your vision and stay committed to it when the chips are down and against all odds. And most would say, that’s a sure bet.

Paula M. Parker

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