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construction disruption

a podcast with paula

“Paula Parker is smoking weed; this project will never happen!”


I get that a lot. Until it happens. 


Being called crazy? It comes with the visioneer’s territory.


But building a vision from the inside out so you see it, is the road I travel. I take ideas from the imagination to make them real, successful and profitable.


Join me for, Construction Disruption, a podcast with Todd Miller, CEO of Isaiah Industries and Seth Heckaman, Sales Manager.


I’ll share a few things about getting an idea from your imagination into the real world.


And if you get stuck along the way I'll help you get un-stuck.


Your idea will thank you.    

A goal starts in your mind.
learn how to make it real.                                     really.
                         listen here.


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To skip the intro, slide to 7:49, enjoy! 

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