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Is it running like an ATM with systems in place for recurring income?


Do you feel energetically and emotionally spent? 

Are you always hustling the next deal or dime reinventing the wheel every time to keep the doors open? I see it a lot. And I’ll explain what happens to you and to your business when you’re trapped in what science calls, the "Fight/Flight" response.  

Meanwhile, running consistently in survival mode isn't a business strategy. Sadly, many businesses operate that way. With the right tools and help from an alchemist, you can change that.  

Your business can reach new heights. Learn how.         


In Chaldean Numerology my Soul Designation is 22/4, a Master Builder.


Which means I am innately hard wired to build. Anything.


I build ideas into reality, recurring revenue streams, systems & processes. 


I transform problems into possibilities.  

Consider these qualifications the best choice as your small business advisor in Metrowest MA.

First, a few things, okay maybe four.


who is this for?

Is this you? 

Are you the owner of a small to medium sized business, looking for a

Business Advisor or expertise in: 

Goal Architecture
Wealth Generation


Your solutions are here.



Business Advisory 
Package 1. 

The culture and health of the company flows from the owner.

There’s a lot riding on your  shoulders. 


Aside from keeping the cash register ringing, there’s a silent sacred trust between you and your team. 


They assume mortgages, pay tuition and perhaps support ageing parents, because they trust you know what you’re doing.

The learning how part can be dizzying because there are as many advisory firms as there are companies.

When you're finito with the stale stuff that doesn't work check out this tool to help you and your business thrive ... read more …      

Goal Architecture 
Package 2. 

By far, this is the most requested Package.

It’s where you build a grander company vision because all things material begin in the imagination. 

Starting from the end, we reverse engineer the process. And then build a reasonable framework to back-fill the goal.

It's more detailed than that but that’s the general idea.

Although, the content of goal doesn’t  necessarily matter, the context does.

Here's why ... 

Generating Wealth
Package 3. 


For established businesses, this is a popular Package for the obvious reasons.

In working with owners, we think together about ways to grow the business. 

Some owners choose to add a new line of business, a new profit center, to develop strategic alliances or to scale.

Some of it involves systems and processes.

Some of it involves building the necessary infrastructure to support additional growth.

All of it involves an essential first step.
A preliminary diagnostic assessment to discern preparedness. 

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