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Paula M. Parker
Helping businesses grow isn’t what I do. It’s who I am.

Bold statement.
Although I’ve spent the majority of my life building things.
You see, 
I am hard coded to build structure, foundation, systems and processes to generate recurring wealth. In my book, to make that claim, requires having done it. Successfully. With quantifiable proof. Check off all the boxes.

Assuming responsibility, the leadership role and all things building started when my sixth-grade teacher Miss Carmola asked me and my friend Debbie Greenside to fill the weekly orders from the Teacher's Supply Cabinet. Epilogue. Lunch with the  Principal.

So, working for an absentee CEO was a perfect match. I helped to bootstrap his Global Consultancy firm for the Architecture and Engineering industries. He’d charge, “Here’s the client, the contract and $25k in seed money. Make it happen. Make it successful. Make it profitable.” Then he'd vanish for months.

Thirty-three million in revenue. An eight percent annual growth fifteen years running. An eighty-four percent client retention rate. Mission accomplished.   

After decades of, business building, management, project management and problem resolution in every possible business scenario imaginable, I made a decision.

I quit. 

I formed an advisory practice doing the things I am designed to do.

Turn an idea into a tangible reality. Make things happen. Build wealth for businesses.       

Assignments take me to Manhattan surrounded by senior executives of iconic organizations with trillions of dollars in collective worth. Business development strategy. Product development. Negotiating strategic alliances. Building profit centers. Prepping for an acquisition.   

I work with business owners and executives within organizations ranging from two million to one hundred billion dollars in revenues.  

What I do for other businesses, I can do for yours. My clients can say how well.

When the project is larger in scope and requires an exceptional team, my colleagues are the best of the best. You get their talent to deliver your goal.    

And oh. When I’m not championing a CEO or empire building, I’m making the best damn meatballs east of the Mississippi.

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