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When The Chips Are Down Where Do You Go?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

A disappointment.

A ‘sure thing’ that evaporates before your eyes.

A setback. Chances are, at some point, you’ve faced one, maybe all of these things. It happens.

So. When facing a setback, what do you do? Where do you go?

Like sunshine on a plant, are you feeding disappointment? Do you chirp the woe is me tune?

When family and friends ask, ‘How’s it going?’ Do you hit replay and start every conversation with the setback? Let. It. Go. Now. And. Never finish a negative thought or focus on a problem. You trap yourself in a psychological prison with consistent talk of a problem. Instead of letting your thoughts run amuck, discipline your mind. A constructive thought destroys a negative thought.

Can disappointment shift? Yes. When you change your thoughts about a situation, it changes because you see things not as they are but as you are. And sometimes watching another who has changed his/her life when everyone chants, ‘No way,’ can inspire you to pull up your inner bootstraps and find strength you never knew you had. Self-discovery means looking inward to find the real you. It’s where you tap a power that transforms a setback into a springboard. What happens is good. Very good.

Dear reader, meet singer/songwriter Emily West

I can hear you. ‘Why a story about a singer and what does it have to with business? Some say nothing. I say a lot. Because as you’ll see, your mindset and connection to your power within is everything.

Back to Emily

As a songwriter and vocal prodigy, Emily has singing talent. Looks. Charisma. She inked a recording contract with a major label. It looked like she was on the launching pad with a career about to skyrocket. Boom. She had an unexpected setback. Record label executives cancelled her contract. Like an old shoe, they threw Emily away. Shattered. With nothing left to her name except a broken heart, Emily called home, ‘Mum, if you buy my plane ticket home, I promise I’ll pay you back.’

Like Emily, the world will try to knock you down. Ignore it. You know what you know. Not one person has the right to extinguish your light. Ever. Emily dug deep and found the confidence to give herself another chance.

Pay attention to the opening of this America’s Got Talent video where Emily shares her story. You can feel her power within as she auditions. Watch it. I’ll wait.

Now for you

Your life and goals personal or business are as important to you as Emily’s are to her. If you have lost your job or are looking for one, what do you do? Where do you go? Will a setback derail your determination? Or. Will you say, ‘Circumstances be damned,’ and press forward?

After watching Emily, my money is on the inward journey to tap your power. It doesn’t see skin color. And it could care less whether you are male or female, twenty-four or seventy-four. It will give you intangible tools money can’t buy. It’s where you connect to faith in your ability to fulfill your aim. Ideas speak. Intuition guides you. Belief strengthens you. The path lights up. You see what others can’t and your direction is clear.

This inward power isn’t just for singers and CEOs, Wall Street moguls or Silicon Valley billionaires. No siree. The very same power Emily called upon to turn a setback into a springboard is in you. Now. Go inward. Step fully into your power. Materialize your potential, whatever it is, from the inside out.

Emily has her unique gift. You have yours. Wish her health, wealth and success. Universal Law teaches what you wish for another is what you wish for yourself. Say, ‘Yes.’ Your life is waiting. And if the chips are ever down reflect on this….

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Emerson.

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