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Is Fear Turning Your Life Upside Down?

Updated: Jan 27

Have a seat.

Let’s chat.

How are you?

Is your mind filled with fascination and possibilities?


Are you full of worry and fear? Aside from feeling jittery, fear sucks up a ton of energy. If you’re done with fear keeping you stuck and ruining your life - welcome home.

Imagine you are an alchemist. Yet instead of transforming base metal into gold, you’ll transform the energy of a fearful thought into a productive one. Ready?

Two things from the jump. I never diminish another’s emotions. And the Fight or Flight Response is a different topic. This is about imagined Boogeyman and Darth Vader fear. A disproportionate reaction to a situation. Fight or Flight can save your life, Boogeyman and Darth Vader fear can ruin it. Onward.

Present danger fear.

Someone pressing a locked and loaded barrel of a .45 caliber against your temple or a switchblade at your throat, that’s fear.

Boogeyman fear.

You’re sitting in your living room. It starts. “I’m afraid I’ll get fired.” In seconds, another fear thought and another, “I won’t have any money, I’ll lose my house, I’ll be on the street. " Thoughts have power to start a chemical reaction and cause a panic anxiety attack, while sitting in your living room. Fear takes off like a runaway train is because your thoughts are kinetic. These villains in your mind hold you prisoner of your mind. Note to self. Thoughts are a product of your mind. You can change them.

Darth Vader fear.

Do you know anyone who will blow a situation out of proportion? Medical lingo. A disproportionate response. Enter Darth Vader fear. A neighbor, Rocco, went for a physical. Excellent checkup, except for one teensy thing. The doctor said, “Your liver levels are slightly off, it’s nothing to worry about, yet I’ve ordered another test.” Rocco. Hysteria mode. “The doctor isn’t telling me everything, I have liver cancer, I’m dying.” As a paralyzing emotion, fear ruled. Rocco didn’t go to work for a week. Ring-a-ling. Doctor calling. “Hi Rocco your tests are fine.”

“It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” - Mark Twain So. Who can predict the outcome of any situation with 100% certainty? Heck, if you can, use your superpowers to pick winning lottery numbers. Then call moi.

Look. I’m not sissifying you or suggesting you stuff your emotions. Rather, when you manage your emotions instead of them controlling you, life is calmer. To dissolve hysterical fear and develop empowering thinking habits requires practice. This way isn’t for wusses because being part of the group mind is easy. It does the thinking for you. Who wants that? If you’re looking for the antidote to group mind fear. Hint. Independent thinking.

Your mind on the media.

I won’t discuss Psychological Operations PSYOP that propagates fear. Simply be aware of the information you feed your mind from broadcast media, it spreads fear like a wildfire. Ever been to a grocery store when the media predicts a blizzard? As a human potential champion suggesting you blow up your TV because it rots your brain, is a smidge harsh. Enter Zen Paula. Experiment. When watching a news broadcast, how do you ‘feel.’ Apply the ‘feeling question’ when reading/posting on social media.

Empowering notes.

The good news is you are in command. Your emotions don’t have to spin out of control. Your brain has an innate two-way mechanism. Your thoughts can track in a life affirming or a life negating direction. You set the sails. When your thoughts start to run wild say, “Yo! Reptilian brain, knock it off. Simmer down. I’m in charge here.” Never finish a negative statement. FULL STOP. Change the subject. Insert a positive idea. Challenge the imagined fear ask, “Where did this thought come from? Is it happening now? What can I do to change it? Is it taking me closer or further away from what I want? Is it working for me?”


Life is not causative. It is an effect of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Look at everything in your life, it mirrors your internal beliefs and habitual thoughts spoken and unspoken. “Paula, I want success.” Okay. And if there’s an argument between what you think and feel, the dominant feeling/thought wins. Always.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written on this topic or have had to talk a friend off the ledge of fear. It won’t be the last. I can’t emphasize enough, with emotional mastery comes freedom. You’ll begin to feel so good that engaging in fear talk/thought will sound/feel like nails on a chalkboard.

Empty your mind of fear. Make room for fascination and possibilities. Not only will you move forward, life from the possibilities vantage is oh so sweet.

(C) Paula M. Parker 2016

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