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Achieve Your Goal Using Mindset Techniques

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Is this going to be a Joel Osteen session?” asked Wayne, a new client.“

Ah. No.

Although, the major component of this methodology is mindset alignment with the goal. It underpins everything you do. Everything.” Learning the practical application of mindset alignment is today’s chat.

Wayne’s mid-size company was doing well. Like most owners, there’s always one more goal, Wayne included. Materializing a goal is basic. Right? Enter a plot twist. Wayne heard about the Parker Advisory alchemical approach to goal architecture. It didn’t spook him.

If there’s a facial expression for positive skepticism, Wayne had it. That glance powers me to continue teaching abstract principles and how to apply them in business, for a result. Preferably one clients desire. In my book, to make that claim, requires having done it. Successfully. With quantifiable proof. Check off all the boxes.

You, like clients, fast find out there’s more to mindset alignment with the goal. Much more. And if there’s one thing I’m hell bent about, it’s keeping a topic in context, otherwise it’s like looking at the Cosmos through a peep hole. A partial view is not an effective learning strategy.

Some of this is goal architecture 101. Some of this may be new. 101. New. All of it requires repetition. Statistically speaking,

Tom Brady didn’t become the greatest Quarter Back in NFL history in one practice session. Repetition. Application. Refinement. All are marks of the master. Insert fist bump.

There’s you. Your business. A goal.

Say you want to build systems to support scaling the business. Maybe the company is ready to add a product that strengthens the core business. Or. You’ve been toying with the idea of a strategic alliance partner. Regardless of the industry and the associated tasks there’s a basic working premise to a goal. I see that raised eyebrow and I’ll raise you another.

Consider in Chemistry, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, will always equal water. It’s not sometimes. It’s not if the market conditions are right. Always. There is also an inviolate principle to goal achievement. It’s your mindset and what’s in it.

Aw c’com Paula, that’s as old as dirt. Uh-huh. A question then, about people who set goals. Science says, 92% of the time, they fail. So, let’s think together. Every business goal, invention or technology that ever was, begins in the imagination as an idea. It’s cause and effect. But it’s not the Newtonian “Cause and Effect” theory. It’s your internal thoughts as the cause producing an external effect. Mindset, which is belief, past experience and other essential items in your neurological bag o’ tricks, is the goal’s principal architect. Yes. There’s implementation because a goal by itself is like a car with an empty gas tank. Doing a mindset check prior to the goal is like taking your car to the mechanic before a cross country road trip for a system check. It and you are prepared to navigate any terrain to reach your destination, or in Wayne’s case, maybe yours, to materialize the goal.

Plucking an idea from the imagination, making it real, successful and profitable is a skill.

What kills a goal?

Not seeing sensory evidence fast enough. Seeing the opposite of what you want. Or. Crickets. Doubt stops the creative process essential to goal fulfillment. The antidote? Come hell or high-water belief in your vision suspends doubt long enough for the goal to show up, which is the last part of the process. The Patriots/Chiefs game illustrates this mindset in action. Did you see it? Heading into overtime, the Patriots didn’t focus on the 31/31 score. They directed energy, attention and action on the winning score. They’ve pulled off this kind of victory so many times they’ve fully integrated a belief. “We will do it again.” That mindset with the biology of belief is the power that dissolves doubt and delivers a goal.

“Are you a psychiatrist Paula?” inquired Wayne. Clients ask that a lot, physicians too, maybe in another life. I use decades of in the trenches business experience, alchemy, Universal Law, and knowledge of how your brain operates. As an abstract thinker, I’m equally pragmatic. It’s a Gemini thing. Theories mean squat unless I test them and they work. My specialty is using these principles to help business owners get results. Your business? No one knows it like you do. Although an experienced outside perspective is your super power because, “You can’t see the label from inside the bottle.”

As for mindset alignment with the goal, what’s on your inside counts. And an outside advisor can help you figure it out.

(C) 2019 Paula M. Parker Originally published in

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