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A baby shower for businesses?

Updated: Jan 27

“Instead of baby showers, let’s host business showers for startup company entrepreneurs,” Elon Musk.

I’m not sure if he actually said that, if so, here’s the conversation I’d have with Musk.

Agree. Startup businesses need tremendous resources.

But resources don’t run a business. People run businesses.

I’d give entrepreneurs “mind mastery” skills so that they can transcend any challenge. They’ll have the ability to scale the peaks and valleys to flourish. You can’t wrap these gifts, but not everything essential for business success comes in a box with a bow.

1. “With my thoughts I create.” It’s true. What do you have in your life that you didn’t think about at some level first? Your thoughts are a creative energy. And energy will always come first, before a product or business idea, and just about everything else in your life. So, the mind is a pretty powerful tool. Although it’s half of the equation. Because the rational thinking mind is limited, it gets you only so far. What takes you everywhere else? Imagination. It helps to solve problems where the rational mind can’t. Remember the owners who had to re-imagine their businesses not only to survive the pandemic but thrive? Was it by sheer will alone? No. Ideas courtesy of the imagination, fueled it. Your mind with a developed imagination is an influential asset, master this duo, and business potential is unlimited.

2. "Every day stand guard at the door of your mind," Jim Rohn. Absolutely. Guard your mind from the bombardment of external information, other’s opinions and the stuff that isn’t true. It causes monkey-mind. Confusion isn’t a business building block, clarity is. Rohn and I agree. But the external horse dung isn’t a fraction as powerful as the monsters in your mind. You know the ones. They say things like, “You’ll never succeed. This is a dumb idea, quit. See, I told you so, you’ll end up broke,” etc. You have your versions, everyone does. Know them. When they appear, tell them you’re the boss. They won’t easily obey your command, it takes practice, because they like the “known,” even if it’s misery. These monsters wield massive power and can wreak havoc in a startup or established business. They want to keep you stuck, so have a strategy to tame them. Transform these mind monsters from foes who sabotage your every move to friends who help accomplish your goal, knowing how and doing so is key. External and internal, guard your mind from foes.

Sure. Anyone can give a fancy gizmo for a business shower gift. I give mind mastery skills to boost success, with this gift message. “Mind mastery isn’t a one-off, it’s a daily practice.” Maybe the new business failure rate wouldn’t be stuck at 90%.

Yes, there are countless variables in running a startup business. But it begins with one mind. One entrepreneur. Master your mind from birth, and success is within reach. Right Elon? Paula M. Parker (C) Originally published in the Milford Daily News Part of the USA Today Network

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