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Learn How an Alchemist Materializes a Goal

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

What’s your go-to method to take an idea from your imagination to profitable reality? Do you study, plan and implement? Do you collect opinions. Are you a wing-it and hope for the best person? Maybe you use the combo of all three.

Whatever your style, “what works” works. The results speak. I have my, take a goal and make it real method too. As a business advisor I show clients the technique, except I use a little alchemy. In fact, ask me about the $21 million-dollar MassDOT infrastructure project where residents roared, “No way!” It’s out to bid and will break ground soon.

So, what are these powerful gems in realizing a business goal, any goal really? You’ll soon see them. First, there’s an aspect of manifestation, no mere mortal can explain, but these subtle tips help me turn many a vision into reality. Maybe they’ll help you too.

You’ll see an overview. When you’d like details and the secret sauce to applying these principles in business, call me. Meanwhile, let’s get our alchemy on.

1. Inward seeing. You know it as imagination or vision. It’s where all things material, begin. Inward seeing is the ability to clearly see your product/invention in your mind’s eye or imagination. Why? The conscious mind must be aware of, or able to see the invention, in order for it to happen. How many people do you know, scoff at a visionary’s new idea because they can’t “see” it? Enter Schopenhauer who said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Curie, Tesla, Einstein, Jobs, Musk and other illumed souls could see the entire invention in their imagination first. They’d transcribe their inward vision to the external page, which begins the alchemical process of bringing that “thing” into being. Will you meet resistance and obstacles? Probably yes. And at times your own doubt is an arch enemy. Yet belief in your ability and inward vision, no matter what, grants access to synchronicities and solutions on another stratum unreachable from doubt.

2. Consider the goal as a memory. When you treat a goal as a memory versus a possibility, a memory already happened, the possibility hasn’t yet happened. You’re using your mind in a new way and, “The more we train our mind to perceive the future outcome as something that has already happened (which, as we know exists as a possibility within the field), the more readily the subconscious mind will use its power of compulsive creativity to help bring it about,” Simone Wright, First Intelligence. “Remember when,” works as well as “imagine if.” And to advance a goal sit silent. Close your eyes. Shut out sensory stimuli and objective reality. Use all senses to “remember when” the goal materialized. Live from inside the scene, don’t watch yourself on the screen. An alchemist knows the energetic horsepower of the human nervous system, it can’t tell the difference between what you imagine and what is real. Taking action is necessary. But a fundamental tenet in materializing a goal says, inside is where you start.

We’re done, but the story of goal achievement is far from over. If these principles seem abstract or unfamiliar think of them like traveling new terrain for the first time, it’s unknown only once, then it becomes familiar. There’s more here than meets the eye. A lot more. Especially when it involves realizing a business goal. Although with some alchemy, inward seeing and remembering when can get you there too.

Paula M. Parker (C) 2020

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