Is it the Great Resignation or the Great Introspection?

Updated: Oct 26

If this LinkedIn poll question was asked once, it’s been asked a bazillion times.

“Is there really a “Great Resignation,” looming?

I’ll answer that question with a question.

Shall we call it the “Great Resignation,” or the “Great Introspection?”

Because it could be a wake-up call instead.


The pandemic altered the work environment, but the all-important question is, what part does individual perspective play here?


No. I don’t endorse sweat shop work environments or jerk bosses. But have you noticed? U.S. corporations have been jumping through hoops to create “perfect” organizational cultures. Pricey consultants bark at leaders, “Be compassionate, have empathy! Lead from behind. Be a mentor. Coach. A parent.” Organizations provide: Chief Happiness Officers, napping pods, PTO, in-house mental health coaches, Beer Friday’s, snack cafes, FMLA.

And on it goes.

Why then, with emotional support and perks galore which ups a salary are employees quitting?

Not happy working from home?

Not happy working in the office?

Reasons aside, is it time to look inward?