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Entrepreneurs do you have these two skills to succeed?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Let me ask you something. After the virus from Wuhan, China wreaked havoc emotionally, physically and economically, do you see what I see coming? I intuit a massive rise in entrepreneurship. Here’s why.

Aside from chaos, the worldwide confinement has ignited the Law of Contrast. Meaning when you think of something it typically activates the exact opposite thought. Hot, cold. Light, dark. Etc. Contrast is highly effective. You learn what you do and don’t want, pronto. Keep people captive in their homes for two months. What happens? There’s an intense desire for freedom, a fundamental tenet of entrepreneurship. If you’re ready to hang a shingle or revamp an existing company let’s talk about two unconventional skills to help you succeed in business, alchemy and choice.

1. When you hear the word alchemy, do you think, a cauldron and pointy hat, my clients do until they see how it works in their business. The results speak through a bull-horn. This isn’t optimist vs pessimist. I’m talking about a person who transforms the energy of a negative situation into a positive one, no matter what. An alchemist lets go of fear, anger, resentment, basically the limits of the lower mind, and obsessing over the worst possible outcome. They’re able to see a new opportunity or solution and begin the transformation. In contemporary speak alchemy is called a corporate-comeback or pulling a business out of a nose dive. Apple tops the list of legendary come-backs with GM and Gap to name a few. But there are countless unnamed small business owners, who possess this transformative skill. Search their stories. Read them. You’ll enter the same success energy and see new possibilities that are perfectly suited for you. Sadly, if a business closes, the alchemist knows a window will open and through it, waits an empowered opportunity.

2. Choice is also a skill. As a business owner you’re making choices all day every day. But when you see it in the following context, you’ll realize freedom to choose, is a buildable skill. Imagine a field of infinite intelligence. It’s the source of all ideas and solutions. Your mind is the conduit to this field as thoughts become things. Enter Simone Wright. I’ve cited Simone’s work in First Intelligence before because she uses science and plain English to help you connect the dots. Have a look, “Choice as a function of mindful will and focus, isolates a single specific possibility and begins to stabilize it. Empowered choice begins the process of isolating a frequency of potential and ‘cuts it from the herd,’ so to speak, to begin the process of bringing it into being.” Let that sink in. Does this subtle yet important distinction give new meaning to, choosing as a skill? If you’ve ever chosen a single possibility and taken that unseen idea to tangible reality, it’s intoxicating but it pales in comparison to the freedom it brings.

So, what will you choose? You could invent that fill-a-need product, or build a better mouse trap. Maybe you’ll join the movement to re-shore American manufacturing. The possibilities are infinite. I’m not sure about you but I have zero interest in looking backwards, yesterday’s a done deal. Finito. My exceptions? When the experience or emotion were positive, I use it as rocket fuel to propel me forward, because that’s where I’m heading. Your turn. Look, there on the horizon do you see it, a big, bright, beautiful world. It’s brimming with possibilities. You don’t need a cauldron and pointy hat; all you have to do is choose.

Paula M. Parker (c) 2020

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