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Using Intuition to Rebuild Your Business

Updated: Jul 6, 2020


C’mon Paula. Using intuition to rebuild my business? Yessiree. Intuitive intelligence, alchemy and the application of esoteric principles in business for kick-derriere results is my super power.

What better time to reunite with the power of intuitive intelligence than now? This pandemic will facilitate a new breed of business owners. But the skills you’ll need aren’t in a book, because mapping intuition in business for results hasn’t been written yet. Basta, doomsayers. The world isn’t ending. We’ll rally. We’ll reorganize. And we’ll rebuild in a new way.

Think Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Estee Lauder, Debbie Fields (cookies, yum) and everyone in between. You, like them, have a direct personal link to intuitive intelligence to download Eureka! ideas, to receive solutions and to build your version of an empire. Why listen to people who’ve never run a lemonade stand when you can partner with an intuitive guide and reclaim control? I know. Using intuition to rebuild your business sounds like the wackiest idea ever. Got it. There are concrete, operational and pragmatic steps to building a profitable business. I do it. Keep reading, this’ll make sense. First, why is getting quiet important?

1. To establish a clear intuitive connection for your custom-made guidance, get quiet. It’s essential. How else can you hear the messages from the still authority within? Distractions and the racket of daily life cause static in the intuitive line. Ah-no. You don’t have to sign up for Monk classes at a monastery. But does the clanging of millions of opinions help your business? Or do they confuse an issue? Intuitive masters know the importance of quieting the constant external din, most of it negative and designed to propagate paralyzing fear. So, by silencing the thoughts of the lower, limited mind, accurate guidance appears. In business, when does silence serve your highest good? Some say, always. Especially in the gap, after you’ve taken in external information and before making a major decision. Disclaimer. There’s an acquired skill in recognizing the difference between intuition and the ego masquerading as one. Knowing which voice is which, is your gold.

2. You. Intuition. Your business. Think about it. Your mind is the receiving station for intuitive intelligence. It may be old news but the truth forevermore is, that this intelligence is the source of billion-dollar ideas. It’s the reservoir that holds every solution. This field of intelligence fuels inventors, to build a better mouse trap and to design find-a-need-and-fill-it solutions pitch worthy of VC, Angel or Shark Tank investors. Aside from being a comprehensive intuition manual, Simone Wright, in First Intelligence, nails it on creative power, “Be calm in your heart. This is the most powerful understanding you must carry with you when developing your intuitive intelligence. A calm and peaceful heart creates a calm and peaceful mind, and a calm mind is the center of all creative power.” Meaning, a calm mind is the conduit to intuitive intelligence and creative power. Maintain it, and you align with possibilities, solutions and ideas unique to you. Because that’s where your version of a business and success begins.

Mapping intuition to business for a result could be chapter five in my book for reasons you’ll learn later. Meanwhile monkey mind, shush. Spend time in solitude. Every. Day. Let the message from intuitive intelligence emerge. See it in your mind’s eye. Feel it deep in your core. And if you ever think life or business is doomed, full-stop. Redirect focus. Transform the energy to promote life. Then recite, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world would end, it became a butterfly.” Paula M. Parker (C) 2020 Originally published in

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